Our Purpose

We are a registered charitable trust (CC28652) where all members are unpaid, recruiting unpaid volunteers of all ages and experiences to work in the Ryder Cheshire Homes, working to maintain and increase the membership base in New Zealand through newsletters and fundraising activities so that the Ryder-Cheshire Homes can continue to provide supported living, healthcare, domiciliary support, activity centres, education and rehabilitation to their communities.

Volunteers are teachers, nurses, electricians, bankers, physio and speech therapists, retail assistants, accountants, project managers, landscapers, engineers and doctors. It doesn’t matter what your profession as long as your heart is in the right place and you want to do something for someone else and make a difference to that person.

Volunteer, Jamie McCartney – “ I had no real idea what to expect when I began volunteering. What I found and experienced lived up to and surpassed any expectations I'd previously had. I have come away with a new found understanding and love of people with mental and physical disabilities, an increased confidence within myself, a possible career change and a different outlook on life. Not bad for three months work. The whole place is very committed to its cause, the people are strongly connected and there is real sense of community. To be part of that is a very special feeling. “


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